In the Glossies

UNL Professor Prahalada Rao awarded $500k for new metal 3D printing process to eliminate flaws. (Article in LINK)

Rao investigates ways to transform 3-D printing (Article in UNL News, LINK)

UNL 3D printer lab at forefront of new technology (Article in, LINK)

YouTube Video by UNL Research (LINK)

Article in the Daily Nebraskan (LINK)

Article in (LINK)

The final step toward quality in additive manufacturing, Article in IISE Magazine (LINK)

Summer/Fall 2019

  • 09/01/19. National Science Foundation Major Instrumentation grant awarded for acquisition of X-Ray Computed Tomograhy Scanner.
  • 09/01/19. Mr. Aniruddha Gaikwad to spend 6 months at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as NSF Intern working with Dr. Brian Giera.
  • 08/31/19. Mr. Mohammad Montazeri successfully defends his Ph.D. dissertation.
  • 08/22/19. Mr. Reza Yavari admitted to Ph.D. Candidacy.
  • 08/16/19. Farewell to Mr. Grant King who spent two years with Dr. Rao as NSF REU Student.
  • 08/08/19: Farewell to Mr. Joshua Toddy of Navajo Technical University who was trained to use the metal AM machines in NEAT labs for past 6 months.
  • 08/01/19 Mr. Reza Yavari obtains NSF INTERN award to spend 6 months at Edison Welding Institute.
  • 08/01/19.  Conclusion of the 8-week Advanced Manufacturing Summer Institute for Native American scholars organized by Dr. Rao and Dr. Jeff Shield.

Spring 2019

  • UNL College of Engineering, Creativity and Research Award. 
  • Mr. Aniruddha Gaikwad Defends M.S. Thesis.

Papers Published

  1. M. Montazeri, A. Nassar, A. Dunbar, P. Rao, In-Process Monitoring of Porosity in Additive Manufacturing Using In-Process Optical Emission Spectroscopy Signals, IISE Transactions (Manufacturing and Design), 2019, Accepted, In-Press. doi: 0.1080/24725854.2019.1659525
  2. R. Yavari, K. Cole, P. Rao, Thermal Modeling in Metal Additive Manufacturing using Graph Theory. ASME Transactions, Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, 2019, Vol. 141, pp. 0710071-20. doi: 10.1115/1.4043648

  3. J. Lombardi, R. Salary, D. Weerawarne, P.Rao, M. Poliks,  Image-Based Closed-Loop Control of Aerosol Jet Printing Using Classical Control Methods, ASME Transactions, Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, 141(7), 071011-20, 2019. doi: 10.1115/1.4043659

  4. L.J. Rhodes, M. Rios, J. Williams, G. Quiñones, P. Rao, V. Miskovic, The Role of Low-Level Image Features in The Affective Categorization Of Rapidly Presented Scenes, PLoS ONE 14(5): e0215975. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0215975