Life in Engineering: Austin Moran

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    Marching Forward: Austin's Dream

The important thing is that you are able to attack those challenges with a clear head and approach problems objectively…Just don’t get frustrated.
Austin Moran Civil Engineering Student

Austin Moran
Major: Civil Engineering

When Austin came to his first Husker game, around age 9, he remembers being “transfixed” by the band. Ever since that day, he wanted to be a member of the Husker Marching band. He now has a leadership role in the band as a drum major. He helps lead the band during the marches and conducts it when it is playing music that rallies the entire stadium.

He has applied his experience in the marching band to his work as a Civil Engineering student, and vice versa. He has learned the importance of being meticulous in both band and engineering and that there will always be obstacles to overcome and troubleshoot.