Life in Engineering: Baja Racing

  • Various trophies won by the UNL Baja Racing team

    Baja Racing: Eric & Joe

Having a Nebraska Engineering degree, coupled with experiences you gain on a team like the Baja, industry really recognizes the work you’ve put in and the level of engineering you’re coming out with. That puts you a foot ahead of other contenders from across the country.
Eric Rice and Joe Sheehan Mechanical Engineering Students

Eric Rice
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Joe Sheehan
Major: Mechanical Engineering

As captains of the Husker Racing Baja SAE team, Eric and Joe highly recommend getting involved outside the classroom in engineeering (and university) organizations/clubs. With the Husker Baja racing team, each year the team builds a vehicle that competes in three four-day, off-road events across the country.

“Being a part of these programs, you’re able to take what you learn in the classroom and really apply it to the real world…from cars and remote control planes, rockets, and robots to all sorts of different devices.”

Check out the Baja SAE website.

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