Life in Engineering: Dr Shannon Bartelt-Hunt

  • Dr. Shannon Bartelt-Hunt

    Environmental Experiences: Dr. Shannon Bartelt-Hunt

You need to be creative. You need to want to solve problems and be passionate about helping people. Those are the attributes of a great engineer.
Dr. Shannon Bartelt-Hunt Professor of Civil Engineering

Dr. Shannon Bartelt-Hunt
Professor of Civil Engineering

Dr. Bartelt-Hunt was drawn to engineering because of her interest in the environment and the prospect of using her math and science skills to improve it. Her research at in the College of Engineering looks at contaminants released in water and soil and how they affect human and environmental health.

She is excited to involve undergraduate students in her areas of expertise, as she knows how useful research experiences can be. “We make a real effort to expose students to real-life examples and hands on experiences so when they get out and they’re working, they already experience some of the things they’re going to be doing.”