Life in Engineering: NIMBUS Drone Lab

  • Members of the Drone Lab flying a drone inside the facility.

    Firefighting Drones: The NIMBUS Lab

We love getting students who are interested in drones and recreational hobby use of unmanned aerial vehicles.  They come in the lab… and they're enthusiastic.  And we love to harness that enthusiasm and get them working on real problems with real people.
Dr. Brittany Duncan Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Engineering

The NIMBUS (Drone) Lab
Assistant Professor - Dr. Brittany Duncan

UNL researchers in the NIMBUS Lab are working with drone technology to save lives – whether to help fight forest fires, sample water for contaminants and invasive species, or create opportunities for better medical interactions. Recently, drones from the lab were tested to help firefighters with prescribed crop burns in areas hard to reach – thus making their jobs safer.

In engineering, faculty work closely with students to help make the world a better place. With drones and unmanned vehicles, it seems, the sky isn't really the limit…only our imaginations.

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