Life in Engineering: Katie Schwarz

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    Making a Safer World: Katie

The Nebraska community is nothing but positive. They encourage you to do your best and are always there to help if you need it.
Katie Schwarz Electrical Engineering Student

Katie Schwarz
Major: Electrical Engineering

Katie developed an interest in electrical engineering when she joined the robotics team during her senior year of high school. She was encouraged to come to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln during a career fair, where they had a booth called “Women in Engineering”.

In just her first couple of years as a student, Katie has already worked on several impactful, real-world research applications: in this case, figuring out ways to make cell phone batteries last longer. She appreciates the one-on-one attention she receives from the faculty and in her classes. Katie hopes to work with robots and further robotic technology’s advancement. Her ambition is to “get them to make the world maybe a bit of a safer place or a better place, just a more advanced place.”

“Nebraska Engineering is unique in the fact that you receive lots of hands-on learning. This experience means that you can proudly enter the workforce knowing such things as how to test if a circuit works or how to create a variable DC voltage when given an AC voltage.”