Opportunities Outside the Classroom

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The College of Engineering offers numerous opportunities to help you achieve your academic and personal goals.

Student Organizations

One of the trademarks of the College of Engineering experience is the high level of student involvement. As well as taking full class loads, our students also balance plenty of outside activities. Our 60-plus student organizations, and more than 300 university organizations, ensure you can be involved in a variety of experiences.

Education Abroad / Travel

We're all part of a global environment and we want our students to experience cultures and communities outside Nebraska and the U.S.A. Our students are highly encouraged to participate in at least one travel experience while at UNL. Last year, nearly 100 engineering students traveled to other countries for a study trip, and numerous others enjoyed trips within the U.S.

Engineering Learning Community (ELC)

At UNL, Learning Communities feature groups of first-year students who share a common area of interest: in this case, ENGINEERING! Our Engineering Learning Community resides in University Suites, with 4 different options for students and just a little over 150 spaces. Students participate in study groups, live directly across the street from the College of Engineering, and have opportunities for field trips, hands-on activities and peer mentors in engineering. Courses in this community accommodate the requirements for the different majors.

Engineering Career Services and Planning

The College of Engineering provides specific student services with on-site career specialists in both Lincoln and Omaha, as well as partnering with the university's extensive Career Services Office. You'll work closely with staff and faculty to gain internships and co-ops for hands-on experiences and future job contacts.

UNL Career Services / Jobs

A variety of part-time jobs are available for our students, on and off-campus. To see the types of jobs offered, click here: UNL / UNO

Get Involved!

With 50-plus engineering student organizations, we offer something for everyone. 

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