Life in Engineering: Put a Sock In It

  • Engineering students Sarah Porath and Taylor Sundermann discuss the charity they created, Put a Sock In It.

    Making an Impact: Put A Sock In It

Nebraska and the whole college idea fosters entrepreneurship. It fosters this [mentality of] ‘get out, experience, fail, go.’
Sarah Porath and Taylor Sundermann Majors: Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

Sarah Porath
Major: Civil Engineering
Taylor Sundermann
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Sarah Porath and Taylor Sundermann have both known the value of taking on a leadership role for engineering students. There was no better way to develop themselves as leaders than when they started a nonprofit organization, Put a Sock in It. The purpose of the organization is to collect socks (either new or singles) and distribute them to people in need.

In the past 10 months, 3,000 pairs have been matched up and distributed across Lincoln.  Their organization has now gone national, with initiatives at university across the country. For Sarah and Taylor, helping others is what it’s all about: “It’s for the betterment of other people. We don’t get anything out of it and we don’t need to.”