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    Networking for Leadership: Taylor

Husker Nation is very real and through that there’s a wide network of professionals who have graduated from the university or have had experiences working with people from the university. It’s very positive and very cool.
Taylor Knickerbocker Civil Engineering Student

Taylor Knickerbocker
Civil Engineering

Despite living in California, Taylor has had family roots in Nebraska. She was drawn to the University of Nebraska because it met her criteria, which included a strong college of engineering and an active Greek life. She joined the sorority Alpha Omicron Pi and is also a recruitment officer for the Engineering Ambassadors Network and the Senior Honor Society.

Through her sorority, classes and organizations, Taylor has developed a massive network of people she knows will help her as she develops her career. “I feel like my involvement at the University of Nebraska sets me apart from other applicants because I’ve had the opportunity to take on several leadership roles in the organizations I’m involved with here.”