Life in Engineering: Tractor Pull Competition

  • Silhouette if person from behind driving a tractor towards a brick building with a smokestack

    Hard Work Pays Off: Micah & Sydney

College is about developing your skills but also about developing you. Make sure you try a lot of things, in engineering and within the university, to find out what you want to do.
Micah Bolin and Sydney Gard Agricultural Engineering Students

Micah Bolin
Major: Agricultural Engineering
Sydney Gard
Major: Agricultural Engineering

A year-long preparation for the International Quarter-Scale Tractor Student Design Competition paid off for captains Micah and Sydney, along with a talented team of UNL students, with the winning tractor. Each team is given an engine and tires and the rest is up to them. They are judged in such areas as innovation, maneuverability, durability and safety, along with three tractor pulls.

They built the tractor very quickly, which allowed them to spend all spring testing and figuring out what might break down. And having the country’s only Nebraska Tractor Test Lab gives our students an advantage working with high-tech instrumentation and a professional track.

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