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    Investing in People: Zvonimir

For any students considering engineering, I just want to make this statement: It’s doable!
Zvonimir Pusnik Mechanical Engineering Student

Zvonimir Pusnik
Major: Mechanical Engineering

When the Pusnik family came to Lincoln, Nebraska in 1999 as war refugees from Croatia, they had one suitcase, $100 and spoke little to no English. Znominir, then a young boy, said his family worked long and hard, making sure “we always had a good education and food on the table.” He enhanced his English-speaking skills with shows like Mythbusters and decided to combine his love for math and science with “a humanitarian spirit.” With engineering, he notes, “we end up fixing a lot of the problems that people face.”

He especially wants students to know it’s okay to ask for help and to take advantage of the college and university resources. “I make myself look like a dummy in every class because I have so many questions, even basic ones… One, I want to know, I’m actually passionate about this… But also, I want to be a good engineer when I’m done with college!”