Laboratory for Innovative Microtechnologies and Biomechanics (LIMB)


- Our work on smart bandages got highlighted; see for example: Yahoo News; UNL news; Forbes. Congratulations to Pooria Mostafalu and other team members.

- Our paper entitled "Nanostructured Fibrous Membranes with Rose Spike-Like Architecture" got accepted in Nano Letters.

Our paper entitled "A Textile Dressing for Temporal and Dosage Controlled
Drug Delivery " got accepted in Advanced Functional Materials.

-Our paper entitled "A Multifunctional Polymeric Periodontal Membrane with Osteogenic and Antibacterial
Characteristics" got accepted in Advanced Functional Materials.

- Congratulations to Dr. Afsaneh Rad for  winning the best research poster award at Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

-  Our paper entitled "Biodegradable elastic nanofibrous platforms with integrated flexible heaters for on-demand drug delivery " got accepted in Scientific Reports.

- Congratulations to Dr. Nona Khadivi for successfully defending her MSc dissertation.

Principal Investigator:
Ali Tamayol
Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Vision and research goals

LIMB and Dr. Tamayol aim at developing innovative tools and technologies that can solve engineering and medical challenges and improves patients' quality of life. We plan to combine advancements in engineering, biology, biomaterials, and medicine to achieve these goals. The three main areas of research at LIMB include:

1- Fiber-based technologies (advanced biomanufacturing)

2- Smart, flexible, and wearable devices 

3- Engineering of miniturized biological systems


For more information please visit our research activities here.