Mad Man Research


Image with 4 levels: New Materials (Top), Physics and Characterization (second from top), Engineering Principles (second from bottom), Applications and Fundamentals (bottom) The research in our group focuses on three levels: New Materials and Physics, Device Fabrication (especially MEMS/NEMS hybrid devices), and System Level Engineering Implementation for Applications.
  • Develop novel platforms for the synthesis, imaging, characterization, and application of low-dimensional nanomaterials, with emphasis on graphene-like two-dimensional materials and their van der Waals hetrostructures.
  • Study nanomechanics and other fundamental physics of these materials.
  • Look for new top-down micro/nano device fabrication approach for the integration of nanomaterials, especially with micro/nanoelectromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS).
  • Develop unique sensor arrays based on mechanically coupled nanomaterials, and deployment of such sensors into large scale monitoring systems.

Recent research projects: