Messer - Outreach

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    Messer Research Group

Community Outreach

Big Red Summer Camp

Dr. Messer and her students provide an educational surface/groundwater water interaction activity during Big Red Summer Camp. The activity enables students to visualize contaminant movement from surface water to groundwater and have a better understanding of fate and transport of contaminants.

NE Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Advisory Committee (OWAC)

Dr. Messer represents the University of Nebraska on the OWAC, which provides discussion, guidance, and implementation of Onsite Wastewater Treatment installation and maintance training for the state of Nebraska.

Early Education Workshops

Dr. Messer has created a early education workshop for preschoolers interested in learning about streams and wetlands. She  conducts the workshop in the fall and spring at Dimensions Early Education Preschool in Lincoln, NE, which is supported by the Arbor Day Foundation.