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Current Projects 

1. Photodegradation of Insecticides in Rivers Adjacent to Agricultural Intensive Regions: A Novel Water Quality Monitoring Approach

PIs: Tiffany Messer (PI, UNL), Dan Snow (co-PI, UNL), and Martin Doyle (co-PI, Duke University)

Funding Agency: USDA-NIFA

The overall goal  of the proposed work is to quantify the potential role of river geomorphology on photochemical transformation fate and degradation rates of two neonicotinoid insecticides that are contaminants of emerging concern (CECs): Imidacloprid and Clothiandin. Path-specific environmental conditions of two agricultural impacted rivers in the Midwest and Southeast are being assessed. 

2. Managing Water Resources at the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center

PIs: Aaron Mittelstet (Lead), Tiffany Messer, and Troy Gilmore

Funding Agency: ARD

The overall goal of this project is to identify water inputs and outputs of the tributary flowing throughout the site to better manage irrigation water quanitiy and quality. 

3. Exposure to Neonicotinoids Pesticides in Lakes

PIs: Tiffany Messer (Lead), Aaron Mittelstet, and Dan Snow

Funding Agency: USGS 104(b)

The overall goal of this project is assess neonicotinoid insecticides exposure in recreational lakes utlizing a range of sampling and monitoring techniques.

4. Fate and Transport of Antimicrobial Resistant Genes from a Feedlot

PIs: Samadha Fernando (Lead), Shannon Bartelt-Hunt, Dustin Loy, Tiffany Messer, Foto Morota, Henry Paz Manzano, Amy Schmidt, Daniel Snow, and Rick Stowell

Funding Agency: USDA-NIFA

The overall goal of this project is assess fate and transport of veternary antiobitics from a midwest feedlot.

5. Nutrient Removal Potential of Floating Treatment Wetlands

PIs: Tiffany Messer (Lead)

Funding Agency: Daughtery Wate for Food Institute

The overall goal of this project is determine removal rate potentials and design recommendations for floating treatment wetlands placed in Midwest lakes.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

        1. Messer, T.L., M.R. Burchell, and F. Bírgand. 2017. Comparison of Four Nitrate Removal Kinetic Models in Two Distinct Wetland Restoration Mesocosm Systems, Water, 9:517.
        2. Messer, T.L., M.R. Burchell, F. Bírgand, S. Broome, and G. Chescheir. 2017. Nitrate Removal Potential of Restored Wetlands Loaded with Agricultural Drainage Water: A Mesocosm Scale Experimental Approach, Ecological Engineering, 106: 541-554.
        3. Messer, T.L., M.R. Burchell, J.K. Böhlke, and C.R. Tobias. 2017. Tracing the Fate of Nitrate through Restored Wetlands: A Mesocosm Scale 15N Enrichment Tracer Study, Ecological Engineering, 106: 597-608.
        4. Wiseman, J., M.R. Burchell, G.L. Grabow, D.L. Osmond, and T.L. Messer. 2014. Groundwater nitrate concentration reductions in a riparian buffer enrolled in the NC Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program. Journal of American Water Resources Association, 50(3): 653-664.
        5. Messer, T. L., M.R. Burchell, D.L. Osmond, and G.L. Grabow. 2012. Groundwater Nitrate Reductions within Upstream and Downstream Sections of a Riparian Buffer. Ecological Engineering, 47: 397-407.