Ram Bishu

Contact Information:

City Campus (Lincoln)

Professor Emeritus

Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D., 1985 SUNY Buffalo
  • M.S., SUNY Buffalo
  • MBA India
  • B. Tech., India

Areas of Research and Professional Interest

  • Ergonomics
  • Quality Control
  • Information Processing
  • Design of Experiments
  • Statistics

About Ram Bishu

Dr. Ram Bishu is a professor of Mechanical & Materials Engineering. His research areas include: Ergonomics, Quality Control, Information Processing, Design of Experiments, and Statistics.

Selected Publications

  • Kim, B., and R.R.Bishu. 1998. "Evaluation of Fuzzy Linear Regression Models by Comparing Membership Function." Fuzzy Sets and Systems. vol. 100. pp. 343-352.
  • Bishu, R.R., W. Karwowski, and R. Goonetileke. 1998. Editors of The Proceedings of the First World Congress on Ergonomics for Global Quality and Productivity. University Press. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Hong Kong.
  • Najjar, L., and R.R. Bishu. 1998. "Service Quality: A Case Study of a Bank." Proceedings of the 3rd Annual International Conference on Industrial Engineering Applications and Practice. Hong Kong.
  • Bishu, R.R., and A. Muralidhar. 1997. "Gloves." Handbook of Occupational Ergonomics. Editors: Karwowski and Marras. CRC Press. Ohio.
  • Bishu, R.R. (1995). "SPC and DOE: How good are they?" Presented at the 1995 Regional Quality Conference, Lincoln, Nebraska, Oct 1995.
  • Bishu, R.R. (1995). "An overview of total quality management". Presented at an Invited Conference on Total Quality Management, Taipei, Taiwan, Aug 1995.
  • Bishu, R.R. (1995). "Case studies of service quality". Presented at an Invited Conference on Total Quality Management, Taipai, Taiwan, Aug 1995.
  • Batra, S., L. Bronkema, M.J. Wang, and R.R. Bishu (1994). "Glove Attributes: Can they predict performance?" International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, pp. 201-209, 1994.
  • Bishu, R.R. and G. Klute (1994). "The effects of extra vehicular activity on gloves on human performance" International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, pp. 165-174, 1995.
  • Batra, S. and R.R. Bishu (1994). "The feasibility of concurrent and retrospective protocol analysis in studying machinist control behavior with a CNC lathe" The Proceedings of IEA 94, Volume 4: Ergonomics and Design, Toronto, pp 105-107, Aug 1994.
  • Tarawneh, M.S., R.R. Bishu, P.T. McCoy, and J.L. Ballard (1993). "Factors associated with driving performance of older drivers" Transportation Research Record, 1405, pp. 64-71, 1993.