Robert Williams

Contact Information:

City Campus (Lincoln)
W317.6 NH
(402) 472-4755


Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D., 1993 University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  • M.S., 1989 University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  • B.S., 1984 Lehigh

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NIAC Director Bob Williams and student worker Brittlin Hoge join us to talk about how they are helping local businesses save big money from their energy assessments while Nebraska Engineering students also gain valuable field experience. Go Big Red!

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Areas of Research and Professional Interest

  • Abrasive Flow Machining
  • Nontraditional Finishing Processes
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Tooling

About Robert Williams

Dr. Robert Williams is an associate professor of Mechanical & Materials Engineering. His research areas include Abrasive Flow Machining, Nontraditional Finishing Processes, Rapid Prototyping and Tooling.

Selected Publications

  • Hao, J., Williams, R.E., Fang, L., “A Curvature-based Optimal Partition of Large-Scale STL Models,” In Print, Rapid Prototyping Journal, April 2010.
  • Williams, R.E., Walczyk, D.F., and Dang, H.T., “Using Abrasive Flow Machining to Finish and Seal Conformal Channels in Laminated Tooling,” Rapid Prototyping Journal, Vol. 13, No. 2, 2007, pp. 64-75.
  • Williams, R., Huang, Y., Melkote, S., Kinsey, B., Sun, W., and Yao, D., "Recent Advances in Micro/Meso-Scale Manufacturing Processes," IMECE2005-79889, 2005 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, Nov. 5-11, Orlando, Fl.
  • Williams, R., "An Investigation of the Sources of Acoustic Emission in the AFM Process Using a New Technique," Transactions of NAMRI/SME, Vol. 32, 2004, pp.191-198.
  • Williams, R.E. 1998. "Acoustic Emission Characteristics of Abrasive Flow Machining." ASME Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering. vol. 120, no. 2, pp. 264-271.
  • Williams, R.E., and V.L. Melton. 1998. "Abrasive Flow Finishing of Stereolithography Prototypes." Rapid Prototyping Journal. vol. 4, no. 2, pp. 56-67.
  • Williams, R.E., S. Komaragiri, R. Bishu, and V.L. Melton. 1996. "Investigation of the Effect of Various Build Methods on the Performance of Rapid Prototyping (Stereolithography)." Journal of Materials Processing Technology. vol. 61, nos. 1-2, pp. 173-178.
  • Loveless, T.R., R.E. Williams, and K.P. Rajurkar. 1994. "A Study of the Effects of Abrasive Flow Finishing on Various Machined Surfaces." Journal of Materials Processing Technology. vol. 47, no. 1-2, pp. 133-151.