N-E Ride

  • N-E Ride College of Engineering free bus service between Lincoln and Omaha.

Free engineering shuttle between Lincoln and Omaha

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Engineering partners with Arrow Stage Lines to offer free bus service between Lincoln and Omaha each weekday for students, faculty and staff, while classes are in session. Students and employees within the University of Nebraska system may use the shuttle. Priority for seating will be given to those in the College of Engineering.

Two buses start at Othmer Hall on City Campus and The Peter Kiewit Institute on Scott Campus in Omaha. From Omaha, they will stop at UNMC as well as I-80 Exit 439.

Schedule Changes / Inclement Weather 

As well as when classes are not in session due to planned holidays or breaks, the college works with Arrow Stage Lines and other local entities to determine schedule changes due to inclement weather. There are several instances in which the shuttle can be affected:

  • If either of the universities (UNL or UNO) cancel classes prior to morning classes beginning, the shuttles will not run.
  • If classes are canceled on either campus during the day, Arrow will try and complete any shuttles already in transit and/or provide the next available shuttle
  • If road travel is deemed by law enforcement to be hazardous, the shuttles will not run or the schedule may be adjusted.

If the shuttle is not in service due to weather/road conditions, students should communicate with their faculty concerning their ability to attend classes or other responsibilities.

TripShot App / Boarding Passes

The College of Engineering is now requiring a reservation to board the shuttle. Riders can make a reservation via TripShot at any time prior to the bus leaving its location - even a minute before - if there is a seat available (see instructions below). Don't have access to a smart device? No worries! There are three reservation/boarding options for riding the N-E Ride shuttle:

  • QR Code
    1. Open TripShot app
    2. Select “boarding” or “wallet”
    3. Click on “Board by scanning QR code”
    4. Scan QR code located on shuttle
    5. Show driver two-digit code to confirm
  • Bluetooth
    1. Enable your device’s Bluetooth
    2. Notified via TripShot when shuttle is within proximity
    3. Confirm/cancel boarding via device
    4. Show driver two-digit code to confirm
  • Boarding Pass (via Dean’s Office)
    1. Contact Dean’s Office (OTHM 114 or PKI 100) - in person, phone or email
    2. Obtain physical boarding pass from Dean’s Office
    3. Provide pass to driver upon boarding

COVID-19 Precautions

The College of Engineering follows University of Nebraska-Lincoln protocols (based on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department), including the following for the shuttles:

  • Face masks are required for all riders (via new Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department requirements)
  • Plexiglass is in place to provide separation between rows
  • The shuttles are currently running at full capacity; check this website and TripShot app for any updates

These precautions will continue to be assessed and updated by UNL as necessary. For more information, visit the UNL COVID-19 site.

Holiday Schedule

The shuttle will not run on the following dates, due to holiday schedules:

  • Nov. 24-28, 2021; the shuttle will resume on Monday, Nov. 29
  • Dec. 20, 2021 - Jan. 2, 2022; service begins again Jan. 3, 2022

Shuttle "lost and found"

If you think you have left an item on the shuttle, call Arrow Stage Lines at 402-740-2038.

Use TripShot for N-E Ride shuttle reservations

To streamline access to the College of Engineering N-E Ride shuttles, riders should use the TripShot reservation system to book their chosen times and locations. The app also provides real-time tracking of the shuttles, and riders can receive push notifications and alerts about shuttle arrivals or any delays. To enter the bus, you will scan the QR code available on the bus.

You can make a reservation at any time prior to the bus leaving its location - even a minute before - but note that seating is not guaranteed. 

The TripShot app can be downloaded from iOS or Android. Once you have the phone app, any of the following email domains can be used to sign up: @unl.edu / @unomaha.edu / @nebraska.edu / @unmc.edu / @huskers.unl.edu

Note: the app will ask for the Service Name to begin the process: it’s UNL.

TripShot Sign-Up Directions

TripShot Login Directions

Van Pick Up and Drop Off Locations

Vine Street between 16th and 17th streets
(The bus cut-out in front of Othmer).

Omaha - PKI
The circle drive at the main entrance of PKI

Omaha - UNMC
Emile Street, between 41st and 42nd Streets

Exit 439
South side of Hwy 370 behind Walmart