NERcF ATC Flagship Series Sputtering Coating System RF/DC

ATC Flagship Series Sputtering Coating System RF/DC

Photo of ATC Flagship Series Sputtering Coating System RF/DC ATC Flagship Series magnetron sputtering systems provide research scale physical vapor deposition which can be configured in either con-focal, normal incidence, off-axis, glancing angle, or combination of target to substrate orientations.  It is equipped with a vacuum load-lock which gives two major advantages of higher throughput and better film quality.

In addition to Ar sputtering, N2 or O2 are also available for use in reactive-ion sputtering. The reactive gas chemically combines with the target material to form a different material on the substrate. The substrate holder can be heated up to 350 degree Celsius for a higher sputtering rate and the system is also capable of applying RF-bias to do sample sputtering clean before deposition.

Standard Operating Procedure (.pdf)

Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Thin film deposition of pure metals, alloys, and compound insulators
  • co-sputtering of two or more metals in confocal configuration
  • Reactive sputtering in nitrogen and oxygen
  • Deposition of multi-layer films with selected target materials
  • Wafers up to 4” diameter can be deposited
  • Substrate can be heated during deposition
  • 18" to 34" chamber Ø
  • HV and UHV versions
  • 1" to 8" diameter sputter sources
  • In-situ tilt source option
  • Substrate holders to 8" Ø
  • Load locks
  • Substrate cassettes and masking
  • Auto-loading
  • Computer control
  • Custom engineered versions