Norman Newhouse

Norman Newhouse
Hexagon Lincoln
Lincoln, Neb.

Norm Newhouse has over 40 years of experience in advanced composites design, analysis, manufacture, and testing, working for Hexagon Lincoln and predecessor companies (Brunswick, Lincoln Composites, General Dynamics).

His responsibilities have included oversight of the company’s research activities, engineering laboratory, and intellectual property. He has been awarded eight U.S. patents and has patents pending.

Newhouse has 25-plus years of experience supporting the development of national and international standards for high pressure composite vessels and fuel containers for CNG and H2 powered vehicles. He has represented the U.S. as Head of Delegation for ISO TC58, Gas Cylinders, and ISO TC58/SC3, Gas Cylinder Design since 2001.

He is a registered Professional Engineer.

Newhouse also serves on the Mechanical and Materials Engineering Advisory Board.