Rachel Van Cott

Rachel Van Cott

Rachel Van Cott
Chemical Engineering

Which faculty/staff has inspired you during your college career, and who you would like us to recognize on your behalf
Dr. Hunter Flodman, Dr. Wei Niu, and Dr. Kevin Van Cott

Favorite Memory of UNL
Rachel's favorite memory of UNL is the Link Bash where she and her friends had a paint fight to help destroy the Link. By the end, they were completely coated in paint. She and her roommate couldn't stop laughing as they tried to walk back to their dorm without smearing paint anywhere amidst a lot of strange looks from passersby.

Future Plans
Rachel will be going on to work for Merck as a process engineer for their Gardasil-HPV vaccine project.

Who/What has inspired you during your college career?
Rachel has been inspired by her Biochemical Engineering classes where she learned about the biopharmaceutical industry and the advancement that is being made on protein therapeutics.