P3 - Impact Summary

P3 Papers in Preparation

Economic and Environmental Impacts from Facility-level Implementation: Two Sustainability Technical Assistance Intern Programs

Thirty-one past clients of the UNL P3 and Kansas State University PPI technical assistance programs were surveyed and reassessed in order to quantify the actual impact of each recommendation provided by student interns. The clients surveyed were slightly more engaged in sustainability activities those that participated in other studies. Of the clients reassessed, the overall implementation rate of recommendations was 54%.

Clients that received more in-depth assistance implemented a higher percentage of recommendations and reported more benefits (e.g., cost savings, energy efficiency, solid waste reduction) than the clients that received assistance for part of a summer. Off-site recycling and improved housekeeping/preventative maintenance recommendations were implemented at the highest rate. Clients reported recommendations having a persistence (reoccurrence) of at least five years after original implementation.

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