Senior Salute: Spring 2021

2021 OJ Ferguson Overall Outstanding Senior Award winner

Maggie Harder
Maggie Harder
Computer Science & Engineering
The Dean O.J. Ferguson Award is granted each year to a senior student in the College of Engineering. The person thus honored by her/his fellow students is that individual who, by her/his demeanor, has exemplified the ideals of professional service and good citizenship.

It is in recognition of this individual who, as a student, has achieved will and displays promise of greater advancement; who has a worthy professional perspective; who is generous of her/his time and effort without recompense; who makes reliable judgments and counsels wisely; who is open minded and reads purposefully; who values words and writes effectively; who prizes the privileges of citizenship; who is-honorable and trustworthy; who has an expanding philosophy of life; that this award be made.

2020-2021 Outstanding Departmental Seniors

Biological Systems Engineering
Alex Schellpeper (AENG)
Abigail Smith (BSEN)
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Darin Rinkol (CHME)
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Elizabeth (Lizzy) Humphus (CIVE)
Computer Science & Engineering
Hunter W. Dorhout (CENG - Lincoln)
Maggie Harder (SOFT)
Biological Systems Engineering
Ben Schnatz (AREN)
Ethan Copes (CNST)
Cameron Zelei (CONE)
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Morgan Elizabeth Gallagher (CENG - Omaha)
Trevor Steven Cutsor (ELEC)
Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Evan Hymanson (MECH)