Wellness Week: Live Well

The Staff Council’s Wellness Committee is excited to host Wellness Week: Live Well in 2022, September 26-30.

The council will be providing resources on how to recover from the beginning of the semester and how to maintain your health moving forward. The marquee event of the week will be the opportunity to schedule a FREE 30-minute appointment with Dr. Dakota Boellstorff. These appointments will include a brief, but an in-depth evaluation, hands-on soft tissue work, adjustments if necessary, and advice for managing pain and preventing future injuries.

Dr. Dakota Boellstorff, DC

Boellstorff is a rehab and sports-based chiropractor who has been practicing in the Lincoln area for about two years. After graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, he moved to Kansas City where he received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Cleveland University. During his time in graduate school, he attended outside lectures to learn more about the biomechanics and application of sports-specific rehabilitation, including athlete evaluation, and barbell-specific training. While his treatment style is heavily influenced by his interests in athletics and weight training, his focus is on proper function and getting his patients to move well and often. It doesn’t matter if you’re a year-round athlete, weekend warrior, or just trying to make it through your day, everybody can benefit from this approach to care.

Dr. Boellstorff works with each patient individually during the sessions. Following an in-depth evaluation, he determines the best course of treatment and works with patients to achieve their desired outcomes. His treatments include adjustments, cupping therapy, dry needling, and Graston/instrument-assisted soft tissue work. He pairs these tools with a practiced treatment style that enables him to help address problems causing your pain, rather than just the symptoms.

Wellness Week will also be the kick-off for the Staff Council's 2022 Wellness Challenge. Check the website and COE Update for more information: it will be an eight-week contest, with weekly prizes and a grand prize at the conclusion of the contest.

For questions, contact Jared Ludwig at jared.ludwig@unl.edu.