Team Competition - Checklist

Teams Competition 2014 Checklist

Previous Winners:
2015: Omaha North
2014: Elkhorn HS
2013: Elkhorn South
2012: Creighton Prep
2011: Creighton Prep
2010: Creighton Prep
2009: Creighton Prep
2008: Blair High School
2007: Creighton Prep
2006: Creighton Prep
2005: Creighton Prep
2004: Creighton Prep
2003: Bellevue West Varsity
2002: Elkhorn Varsity
2001: Elkhorn Varsity
2000: Creighton Prep Varsity
1999: Creighton Prep Varsity
1998: Creighton Prep JV Randolph Varsity
1997: Creighton Prep

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December 2015
  • Spread the word to your students.
  • Inform fellow counselors, math and science teachers.
  • Provide TEAMS information on your school's website.
  • Announce the TEAMS competition in the school newspaper.
  • Talk about TEAMS with your local PTA.
  • Pick a TEAMS Coach.
    • Teachers, counselors, parents - anyone can coach!
  • Download the Coach Manual from
  • Form TEAMS of 4-8 students.
    • Junior varsity and varsity levels of participation
  • Arrange practice sessions with your students or make TEAMS practice part of your classroom studies.
January 2016
  • Resume team practice sessions.
  • Make transportation arrangements with your school.
By January 31, 2016 By February 1, 2016
  • Watch the mail for your confirmation packet.
  • Continue holding practice sessions for TEAMS participants.
  • Make your room reservations at one of Lincoln's Hotels, if applicable.
  • Return completed team member lists to UNL.
    • Via fax or e-mail (enclosed with confirmation materials)
  • Continue holding practice sessions for TEAMS participants.
Lincoln Campus Competition; February 16, 2016
  • TEAMS Competition
    • Check-in begins at 9 a.m., in the Nebraska Union Ballroom at UNL

Omaha Campus Competition; March 1, 2016
  • TEAMS Competition
    • Check-in begins at 9 a.m.
By March 14, 2016
  • Watch for the follow-up e-mail with regional scores from UNL and a copy of a press release for your personal distribution.
  • Coaches will be e-mailed a copy of their team photo taken on competition day.


TEAMS Coach Manual
The TEAMS Coach Manual contains rules, tips for coaching a team, sample problems, and exercises for team building and problem solving. The Coach Manual is available for download at Coaches without Internet access may request a Coach Manual by calling TSA at (703) 548-5387.

Practice Test Sets
Schools may use previous TEAMS test sets to practice for the TEAMS test. One complimentary practice test set is available to schools that have not previously participated in TEAMS. TSA will mail a practice test set to new schools once they pre-register online.
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