Multicultural Engineering Program: Student Highlights

Alexis Martinez

Alexis Martinez

Year: Freshman
Major: Civil Engineering
Hometown: Columbus, NE

Success Coaching:

The monthly success coaching has proved to be valuable in my academic, professional, and personal life. In our meetings, I am able to share my goals and the actions I intend to take, but most importantly I feel accountable to be proactive about them.

Peer Mentorship:

The mentorship in MEP was unique and helpful. It has made me more comfortable interacting with older engineering students. It also eased the pressure of the transition process for me.

Freshman Seminar Class:

Navigating through my first semester of college with everyone in my cohort has been a beyond pleasant experience. I am able to engage in conversations with like-minded individuals that share the same goals as I do.


The purpose of the monthly workshops is to develop the six Complete Engineer Competencies. I enjoyed these interactive workshops as I learned strategies to become a successful and well-rounded engineering student.

Best part of being a member of MEP:

I made the right decision joining MEP because it is a program that will help me develop on an academic, professional, and personal level. Each person in this program brings something different and that makes it an effective place to learn and grow.