Senior Design Showcase Team Information

Team Registration Information:
All Senior Design Showcase teams need to register to reserve a booth at the event on the Team Registration website. The deadline to register is April 15, 2022. Entries received following the registration deadline cannot be guaranteed space or that the project will be featured in the Senior Design Showcase program handed out to guests of the event.  

The Senior Design Showcase will be held Friday, May 6, 2022, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Nebraska Innovation Campus (NIC) Conference Center. Team check-in will be from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. to allow students ample time to set-up their displays.

Parking will be in the lot to the north of the NIC Conference Center. View a map of Innovation Campus.

Bus Transportation:
If you need transportion to Innovation Campus, StarTran runs bus routes from City and East Campus to Innovation Campus. View more information about bus routes.

What you will receive at the competition:
Each senior design group will be provided with a 6-foot table with a linen tablecloth and wireless internet. Teams may request additional tables, space, and access to power on the registration form. A brief description of your project will be included in the Senior Design Showcase program - given to all guests attending the event. Bottled water and canned soda will be provided to all team members and guests during the showcase while supplies last. 

Display/Project Set-Up: 
Display set-up will take place from 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Teams will check at the front entrance of the NIC Conference Center. There will be a standard-size elevator at the conference center to help you get your project to the 2nd floor if you are located there. Please note that all campus parking policies apply. All teams are encouraged to develop a plan for drop-off and pick-up if displaying anything more than a poster board. Large-size projects may not be able to be accommodated at the venue. Please contact Emili Jones with questions.

When your team registered for the event, your primary contact requested specific accommodations for your table. Emili Jones will reach out to the primary contact of each team who requested accommodation to ensure that your needs are met to the best of our ability. A map outlining the table assignments and locations will be emailed to the primary contact of each team prior to the event.  Please contact Emili Jones (; 402.554.3562) with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your accommodations.  

Dress Code: 

The dress code for all students presenting at the Senior Design Showcase is business casual. 

Awards and Judging:
All guests who attend the showcase will be able to submit their vote for the People's Choice Award during the event. The winning team will be announced by the College of Engineering at the end of the showcase and will be listed on the home page the following week. Be sure to check back to see which team won the People’s Choice Award!

In addition, your academic department may or may not provide additional program-specific awards and/or judging. You are encouraged to communicate with your capstone instructor or department chair for more information.

Designing and Printing Your Project Display: 

What Your Team Receives: 
Each team will receive one poster board free of charge and one poster print at the Pixel Lab free of charge. All boards may be picked up from the Engineering Student Services Office, W204 Nebraska Hall (Lincoln) or in PKI 107 (Omaha) M-F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Prior to submitting your project to the Pixel Lab, students on the Lincoln campus need to see Cameron Adams in the Engineering Student Services Office located in Nebraska Hall W204 to pick up the 'Senior Design Pixel Lab Print Form'. Turn this authorized form in to the Pixel Lab when you submit your project to them, as this will ensure your initial poster print will be charged to the appropriate account. Students on the Omaha campus are instructed to call Cameron Adams at 402-472-3160 for process for submitting printing request to the Pixel Lab. 

Preferred Poster Format and Measurements:
Your poster should be designed or converted into PDF file format. (Call the Pixel Lab at 472-2258 if you have questions about other formats they may accept). A PowerPoint template is available for download. The poster board measures 36"H x 48"W. Each side panel is 36"H x 12"W. The center panel is 36"H x 24"W. 

The Pixel Lab has been given instructions not to "re-do" any posters, so be sure to proof your poster before taking it to be printed. More information about the Pixel Lab can be found at  

Team Responsibility: 
All teams are responsible for mounting their poster to the display board. All teams will be provided one display board and one print in the Pixel Lab free of charge. If a team needs more than one display board or print, they will need to purchase them at their own expense.