Women in Engineering Program: Student Highlights

Solana Honda

Solana Honda

Year: Freshman
Major: Architectural Engineering
Hometown: Lincoln, NE

Success Coaching:

Success coaching is honestly something I look forward to each month. My success coach is incredibly easy to talk to, and it's nice to have someone in the college looking out for your personal success. These meetings are great for creating a bond and learning new tips and tools to be successful in college!

Peer Mentorship:

Having a student mentor was really nice. I got to ask questions about college and learn what classes to avoid and which teachers to take. It was extremely helpful and I feel like I learned a lot because of it.

Freshman Seminar Class:

Knowing that it can be difficult to get to know people, the ENGR 10 seminar has many advantages. Since the class size is so small, it is incredibly easy to get to know people and feel comfortable in the classroom setting. It is the perfect safe space to learn about the College of Engineering and make friends at the same time!


Even though most of the events were over Zoom this year, I really enjoyed playing fun trivia games and meeting new people. Plus, there are always fun prizes to win as well!

Study Support:

I met a few friends through the program that I found I had other classes with. It is always helpful to be able to talk over those stresses with someone else!

Best part of being a member of WIE:

One of my favorite parts of WIE is the environment and the people. The classroom environment is very relaxed and welcoming and the people I met have been absolutely incredible!