UNL chemical engineers active at AIChE National Conference

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More than 10 UNL Chemical Engineering faculty and students headed to Pittsburgh for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers’ national conference, Oct. 28 – Nov. 1. The annual event gathers thousands of chemical engineers from industry and academia.

The UNL Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Department had several key commitments at the event:

  • At prior regional events, Nebraska Engineering’s Chem-E car qualified to race at the AIChE National Student Conference. The car, about as big as a coffeemaker, must run between 50-100 feet and carry a 50-100 mL payload of water. The car must be assembled onsite (when distance and payload specifics are revealed) with power supplied by designated chemical reactions, and it must adhere to a 30-page safety document.
  • Graduate student Hunter Flodman earned the AIChE Separations Division Graduate Student Research Award. This highly competitive award receives global nominations. Flodman gained $200 and a plaque at the Separations Division’s Dinner during the event in Pittsburgh.

  • CHME's Dr. Sri Kidambi chairs a Biomaterials session and two of his research group members—Amita Daverey (postdoc) and Allison Drain (undergraduate/UCARE)—gave presentations with him on Patterned Co-Culture of Breast Cancer Cells and Stromal Cells As an in Vitro Breast Cancer Model and on Topography Mediated Regulation of HER-2 Expression in Breast Cancer Cells. UNL Biological Systems Engineering Assistant Professor Angela Pannier chaired a Gene Delivery session, and BSE grad students Tim Martin and Tadas Kasputis also gave oral presentations at the AIChE event.
  • Nebraska hosts its first-ever conference reception at the AIChE national gathering, attracting candidates with interest in the department’s current chair search, as well as connecting Nebraska Engineering CHME alumni in the mid-Atlantic area; and

  • UNL was named an Outstanding Student Chapter for 2011-12 from national AIChE. 

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