Biological Process Development Facility (BPDF)

The BPDF, part of the College of Engineering at the University of Nebraska, develops vaccines and biotherapeutics derived from recombinant yeast and bacterial expression systems under current Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Laboratory Practices.

Biological Process Development Facility completes its first cGMP production run in newly commissioned facility

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Biological Process Development Facility (BPDF) achieved a major milestone by producing its first cGMP batch of bulk drug substance in the recently commissioned facility. At the request of the Mintaka Foundation (Geneva, Switzerland), the BPDF developed and scaled-up a process for cGMP production and purification of 5P12-Rantes, a microbicide effective in preventing transmission of HIV in vitro and SIV in vivo in non-human primate studies. The cGMP product will be shipped to the Mintaka Foundation for formulation as a vaginal cream for use in Phase I clinical trials. Read more.

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