NBERG Logo - State of Nebraska with NBERG and photo of team inside the state borders

The members of N-BE³RG have a wide range of research interests related to high-performance buildings.

Building envelope performance – heat transfer, moisture transport and air-tightness of the walls, roof, doors and windows

Indoor Air Quality – ventilation; measurement, modeling and mitigation of pollutants such as bioaerosols, respirable suspended particulates (RSPs), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), radon gas, etc.; computational fluid dynamics

Building controls –
advanced techniques (e.g. Model Predictive Control (MPC), Fuzzy Logic); improved control sequences for HVAC equipment

Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics (AFDD) – virtual sensors; diagnostic methods for vapor compression cycle; big data approaches to whole-building fault detection; real-time performance monitoring, AFDD for supermarkets; evaluation of AFDD performance 

– absorption chillers; fan control; effect of equipment faults on performance; heat exchangers; alternative applications to heat pump technology

Smart Building Systems – occupancy tracking and occupancy based control, IoT connected buildings, enabling technologies, smart grid interaction

Energy modeling – fault enabled models; model validation; simplified equipment models; semi-empirical models