The Biological Process Development Facility at the University of Nebraska (BPDF) offers biopharmaceutical process development designed for successful technology transfer from the bench to large-scale GMP manufacturing, and manufactures material suitable for non-clinical and clinical studies.

Specializing in recombinant peptides and proteins, the BPDF has produced GMP materials since 1998. During this time, processes for over 50 products including vaccines, other biotherapeutics, chemokines, and agricultural/industrial enzymes have been developed. BPDF fermentation processes focus on optimizing and controlling high cell-density fermentations of Pichia pastoris, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and Escherichia coli for recombinant protein production. Current clients include government, industry, and philanthropic organizations. Most recently, the BPDF developed and scaled-up a process for GMP production of 5P12-RANTES, a microbicide effective in preventing transmission of HIV in vitro.