Joe D. Luck, Ph.D., P.E.

Contact Information:
204 L. W. Chase Hall
Lincoln: East Campus
(402) 472-1488

Associate Professor of Biological Systems Engineering, Precision Agriculture Engineer
Academic Degrees
  • Ph.D., Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, University of Kentucky (2012)
  • M.S., Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, University of Kentucky (2007)
  • B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Kentucky (2002)
  • Licensed Professional Engineer, Commonwealth of Kentucky
  • 50% Extension
  • 30% Research
  • 20% Teaching
Areas of Research and Professional Interest
  • Variable-Rate Application Technologies
  • Sensors and Control Systems for Site-Specific Crop Management
  • Development and Evaluation of Liquid Application Technologies
  • GIS and Data Management Systems in Agriculture
Extension Interests
  • Site-Specific Management Strategies
  • Precision Agriculture Technology Utilization
  • Farm Management Software Training
Teaching Interests
  • Site-Specific Crop Management 
Honors and Awards
  • 2016 Superior Paper Award, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
  • 2016 Superior Academic Advising Award, University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
  • 2015 Gale A. Holloway Professional Development Award, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
  • 2015 Holling Family Junior Faculty Teaching Excellence Award, University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
  • 2015 Faculty of the Year Award, University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Engineering Student Advisory Board
  • 2015 Omtvedt Innovation Team Award, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Selected Publications
  1. Luck, J.D., S.A. Shearer, B.D. Luck, and M.P. Sama. 2016. Recalibration methodology to compensate for changing fluid properties in an individual nozzle direct injection system. Trans. ASABE. 59(3): 847-859.

  2. Roeber, J.B.W., S.K. Pitla, M.F. Kocher, J.D. Luck, and R.M. Hoy. 2016. Tractor hydraulic power data acquisition system. Computers Electronics Agric. 127: 1-14.

  3. Creech, C.F., J.G. Moraes, R.S. Henry, J.D. Luck, and G.R. Kruger. 2016. The impact of spray droplet size on the efficacy of 2,4-D, Atrazine, Chromium-methyl, Dicamba, Glufosinate, and Saflufenacil. Weed Tech. 30(2): 573-586.

  4. Luck, J.D., W.A. Schaardt, S.H. Forney1, and A. Sharda. 2016. Development and evaluation of an automated spray patternator using digital liquid level sensors. Appl. Eng. Agric. 32(1): 47-52.

  5. Pitla, S.K., J.D. Luck, N. Lin, J.P. Werner, and S.A. Shearer. 2016. In-field fuel use and load states of agricultural machinery. Computers Electronics Agric. 121: 290-300.

  6. Kesterson, M.A.3, J.D. Luck, and M.P. Sama. 2015. Development and preliminary evaluation of a spray deposition sensing system for improving pesticide application. Sensors 15: 31965-31972.

  7. Marx, S.E.1, J.D. Luck, R.M. Hoy, S.K. Pitla, M.J. Darr, and E. Blankenship. 2015. Validation of machine CAN Bus J1939 fuel rate accuracy using Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory fuel rate data. Computers Electronics Agric. 118: 179-185. 

  8. Luck, J.D., S.A. Shearer, M.P. Sama, and S.K. Pitla. 2015. Control system development and response analysis of an electronically actuated variable-orifice nozzle for agricultural pesticide applications. Trans. ASABE 58(4): 997-1008. 

  9. Luck, J.D., J.P. Fulton, and J. Rees. 2015. Hands-on precision agriculture data management workshops for producers and industry professionals: development and assessment. J. Extension [On-line], 53(4) Article 4TOT10. Available at: 

  10. Sama, M.P., J.D. Luck, and T.S. Stombaugh. 2015. Scalable control architecture for variable-rate turn compensation. App. Eng. Agric. 31(3): 425-435. 

  11. Luck, J.D., S.K. Pitla, M.P. Sama, and S.A. Shearer. 2015. Flow, spray pattern and droplet spectra characteristics of an electronically actuated variable-orifice nozzle. Trans. ASABE. 58(2) 261-269. 

  12. Pitla, S.K., L. Nin, J.D. Luck, and S.A. Shearer. 2015. Use of controller area network (CAN) data to determine field efficiencies of agricultural machinery. App. Eng. Agric. 30(6): 829-839. 

  13. Zandonadi, R.S., J.D., Luck, T.S. Stombaugh, and S.A. Shearer. 2013. Evaluating field shape descriptors for estimating off-target application area in agricultural fields. Computers Electronics Agric. 96: 217-226. 

  14. Sharda, A., J.D. Luck, J.P. Fulton, T.P. McDonald, and S.A. Shearer. 2013. Field application uniformity and accuracy of two rate control systems with automatic section capabilities on agricultural sprayers. Precision Agric. 14(3): 307-322.