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Food and Bioprocess Engineering

The Food and Bioprocess Engineering emphasis in the biological systems engineering major is a program of study that offers a wide range of opportunities. You will learn how engineering applies to the science of energy and food, as well as how it is interlaced with agricultural processes.  Explore new possibilities for repurposing grain byproducts for use in textiles, plant-derived plastics, waxes, oils, and coatings.  Discover the value of biofuels, biomass, and how to utilize bioprocessing to benefit society.  Engage in this exciting technology and get involved in growing new ideas and processes in bioenergy and food.

Relevant issues: controlling growth of organisms, food engineering, food safety, bioprocessing, biodegradable products, pharmaceutical production.

Recommended Classes:

Principles of Process Engineering - Fan
Principles of Process Engineering
Introduction to performance parameters and characteristics of pumps, fans, presses, and solids handling, size reduction, separation and agitation equipment.
Unit Operations of Biological Processing - Processing
Unit Operations of Biological Processing
Application of heat, mass, and moment transport in analysis and design of unit operations for biological and agricultural materials. Evaporation, drying, distillation, extraction, leaching, thermal processing, membrane separation, centrifugation, and filteration.
Biomass and Bioenergy Engineering - Tree image
Biomass and Bioenergy Engineering
Engineering processes for biomass conversion and bioenergy production. Topics include biomass chemistry, conversion reactions, current and emerging bioenergy technologies, feedstock logistics, life cycle assessment. Analysis of primary research literature required for graduate credit.

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After Graduation

After completing a B.S. in Biological Systems Engineering with an emphasis in Bioenergy and Food Engineering, many graduates find work with companies that specialize in the processing and refinement of raw materials. These companies range from leaders in the food production industry to major producers of biofuels to pharmaceutical production facilities.

Emphasis Areas

Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Medical Imaging, surgical tool design, tissue engineering, prosthetic design, and rehabilitation engineering are just a few of the emerging fields in this specialty.

Ecological and Environmental Engineering
Ecological and Environmental Engineering
Learn about nonpoint source pollution, restoring streams, lakes, and wetlands, and how ecological engineering plays a role in sustaining our environment.

Food and Bioprocess Engineering
Food and Bioprocess Engineering
Discover new possibilities for bioproducts and bioenergy: from biodiesel and ethanol to new uses for grain by-products as well as improving food safety and quality.