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City Campus (Lincoln)

Ph.D. - ECE

Electrical Engineering

About Me:

Anne Stratman graduated from the University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN, in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in physics and mathematics.  She started her PhD at UNL in 2020, and is currently a third-year PhD student in the Power and Energy Systems Lab.  In 2021, she received a research grant from the American Public Power Association to work with the Nebraska Public Power District on developing bidding models for wind and solar power.  During 2022, she interned at Argonne National Lab as a research aide in the Energy Systems and Infrastructure Analysis (ESIA) Division, where she developed a new framework for net load forecasting with behind-the-meter PV generation.  She also taught ECEN 406/806 Power Systems Analysis during the fall semester of 2022 and is currently enrolled in the College of Engineering Teaching Fellows Program.  Her research interests include the application of machine learning techniques to bidding models for wind and solar power, electricity markets, and generation and load forecasting methods.