ECE - MS in Telecommunications Engineering - Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is an important issue during graduate school. Currently, both research and teaching assistantships provide tuition waiver and a stipend of $1,350/month for MS students. However, admission to the graduate program in Telecommunications Engineering does not guarantee financial assistance. Admitted students without firm offers of financial support must be prepared to cover the full cost of tuition, supplies, room and board, etc., from personal sources.
  • Teaching Assistantships: Several teaching assistantships (TA) are continually supported by the department. Duties typically include teaching of undergraduate laboratories, grading, or other tasks related to undergraduate instruction. No teaching duties are required during the Summer session but the student is expected to progress significantly on his or her research during the Summer. All international graduate students who wish to be employed as a TA at UNL must successfully complete the International Teaching Assistant (ITA) Institute conducted by the Teaching and Learning Center at UNL. However, incoming international students with exceptional qualifications may be granted a TA but they are required to complete the ITA Institute within one year after arriving at UNL. If you believe you are qualified and are interested in applying for TA support, please complete the Graduate Teaching Assistantship Application Form, which is provided in PDF format. The form should be sent directly to the department graduate secretary by March 1 for students beginning in the Fall semester and October 1 for the Spring semester.
  • Research Assistantships: Research assistantships (RA) are administered by individual faculty members, and thus selection for these requires a close match between the needs of the faculty member and the applicant's qualifications. In exceptional cases, RAs may be awarded to incoming students who have outstanding credentials. You are encouraged to contact faculty members via e-mail to explore opportunities for RA funding. Details of each faculty member's research can be viewed on the individual ECE faculty pages. Use this as a starting point for determining a possible match with a particular faculty member.