ECE Student Labs - Scott Campus

computer parts laying on a table

  • Labmaster - Instructions on how to use the laboratory equipment.
Lab Manuals - ECE hands-on laboratory experiments
Advanced Technology Lab - PKI 304
Digital and Computer Laboratory - PKI 340
Lightwave Communication Research Laboratory - PKI 321a
Typical equipment in Fiber Optics lab
Air cushioned table keeps vibrations away from fiber experiments
Wireless Communications Laboratory - PKI 321b
Wireless Communications Lab
Faraday cage
Conducting an experiment in the Faraday cage
Communications Laboratory - PKI 314
Typical workstation area
Digital equiment specialized for communications is used in this lab
More analyzers and equipment
DSP/Controls Laboratory - PKI 312
A typical workstation in 312 stocked with equipment in an open lab setting
Altera experimentation circuit board
All types of test equipment are available for in-house student use
Chip programmers help cut down on waste
General Electrical Laboratory - PKI 305
Advanced Electronics Engineering Laboratory - PKI 311
Master's Thesis Laboratory - PKI 313
Student works on PC
Senior Thesis Laboratory - PKI 330
Students can collaborate in meeting area
Soldering iron: a large part of prototyping
VLSI Laboratory - STC 102
Sun Microsystems Solaris 9 Cluster with VLSI tools from Synopsys

Sun terminals
Sun cluster
Sun terminals
VLSI decision support area