Mathias Schubert

Mathias Schubert

Contact Information:

City Campus (Lincoln)
NH E430C
(402) 472-3771

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Complex Materials Optics Network

JA Woollam Professor of Engineering

Academic Degrees

  • Privatdozent (Physics), Universität Leipzig, 2003
  • Dr. habil. (Physics), Universität Leipzig, 2003
  • Dr. rer. nat. (Physics), Universität Leipzig, 1997
  • Diplom-Physiker, Universität Leipzig, 1994
  • Study of Physics, Universität Leipzig, 1989-1994

Areas of Research and Professional Interest

  • Optical Hall-effect in semiconductors
  • Interface polarization coupling
  • Form-induced optical anisotropy in nanostructure materials
  • Ellipsometric instrumentation development
  • New chemical, biochemical and biological sensing and separation principles

Courses Taught

About Mathias Schubert

Dr. Mathias Schubert has taught and conducted research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for over 15 years. Before becoming a faculty member at the university, Dr. Schubert did research in Sweden, France, Germany and Switzerland.

Dr. Schubert has investigated such phenomena as the optical Hall effect in semiconductors, the polarization coupling at the interfaces of piezoelectric materials, the spontaneous surface charge accumulation in spontaneous polarization materials, the plasmon-phonon coupling in multinary zincblende-, wurtzite-, rocksalt-, chalcogenide- and perovskite structure materials, and form-induced optical anisotropy in nanostructure materials. Ellipsometry is a material probing technique often used by Dr. Schubert, and he continually explores ways to increase the capabilities of this technique. For example, he currently utilizes ellipsometers and quartz crystal microbalances simultaneously to measure thin film evolution and Terahertz ellipsometers to detect charge carrier channels in electronic devices.

Dr. Schubert also makes use of techniques such as Raman spectroscopy, SEM, AFM, TEM, XRD and magneto-optic ellipsometry to investigate material surface properties.


  • 1995-1997: Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes (German National Merit Foundation), Germany
  • 1993-2002: University of Nebraska-Lincoln, U.S.A.
  • 2002: The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education
  • (STINT), Linköpings universitet/Linköping Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • 2005: (1 mo.) Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Laboratoire d'Optique des Solides, France
Editor Activities (Journals):
  • 2005-2007: Journal Optical Society of America A Topical Editor (Polarization & Thin Films)
Ad-Hoc Reviewing (Journals):

Applied Optics, Applied Physics Letters, European Physical Journal B (condensed matter), IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology, Journal of Applied Physics, Journal of Materials Research, Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics, Journal of The Electrochemical Society, Journal of the Optical Society of America A, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology, Langmuir, Materials, Science and Engineering B, Measurement, Science and Technology, Optics Communications, Optics Express, Optics Letters, physica status solidi, Physical Review B, Physical Review Letters, Physics Letters A, Review of Scientific Instruments, Surface and Interface Analysis, Thin Solid Films

  • New Chemical and Biochemical Detection Methods with Nanohybrid Functional Materials, NSF EPSCoR, EPS-1004094
  • MRI: Development of an Optical Hall Effect Instrumentation for Non-Contact Nanostructure Electrical Characterization , NSF
  • STTR: THz Ellipsometer for Reflection-Mode Signature Acquisition, DOD-Army Research Office
  • ARRA: Effects of Polarization Fields & Surface Charge Layers on p-type Conductivity in In(Ga)N, NSF
  • MRSEC: Quantum and Spin Phenomena in Nanomagnetic Structures, NSF
Conference Organization:
  • 2002: 2nd Workshop Ellipsometrie Berlin Germany
  • 2003: 3rd Int. Conf. on Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (Prog. committe) Vienna Austria
  • 2003: Complex Mediums IV SPIE's 48th Annual Meeting San Diego USA
  • 2004: 3rd Workshop Ellipsometrie Stuttgart Germany 2005 Complex Mediums V: Light and Complexity SPIE's 49th Annual Meeting Denver USA
  • 2006: 4th Workshop Ellipsometrie (Adv. committee) Berlin Germany
  • 2007: 4th Int. Conf. on Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (Co-organizer) Stockholm Sweden
  • 2008: American Physical Society Meeting (Session Chair) Louisiana USA
  • 2009: 5th Workshop Ellipsometrie (Int. Adv. committee) Zweibruecken Germany

Selected Publications

  1. T. Hofmann, C.M. Herzinger, J.L. Tedesco, D.K. Gaskill, J.A. Woollam, and M. Schubert, Terahertz ellipsometry and terahertz optical-Hall effect, Thin Solid Films 519, 2593 (2011). A. Boosalis, T. Hofmann, J. Sik, and M. Schubert, Free-charge carrier profiles of iso- and aniso-type Si homojunctions determined by terahertz and mid-infrared ellipsometry, Thin Solid Films 519, 2604 (2011).
  2. P. Kühne, T. Hofmann, C. M. Herzinger, and M. Schubert, Terahertz frequency optical-Hall effect in multiple valley band materials, Thin Solid Films 519, 2613 (2011).
  3. T. Hofmann, D. Schmidt, A. Boosalis, P. Kühne, R. Skomski, C.M. Herzinger, J.A. Woollam, M. Schubert, and E. Schubert, THz dielectric anisotropy of metal slanted columnar thin films, Appl. Phys. Lett. 99, xxx (2011).
  4. D. Schmidt, C. Müller, T. Hofmann, O. Inganäs, H. Arwin, E. Schubert, and M. Schubert, Optical properties of hybrid titanium chevron sculptured thin films coated with a semiconducting polymer, Thin Solid Films 519, 2645 (2011).
  5. K. B. Rodenhausen, M. Guericke, A. Sarkar, T. Hofmann, N. Ianno, M. Schubert, T. E. Tiwald, M. Solinsky, and M. Wagner, Micelle-assisted bilayer formation of cetyltrimethlyammonium bromide thin films studied with combinatorial spectroscopic ellipsometry and quartz crystal microbalance techniques, Thin Solid Films 519, 2821-2824 (2011).
  6. E. Montgomery, C. Krahmer, K. Streubel, T. Hofmann, E. Schubert, and M. Schubert, Temperature dependent model dielectric function of highly disordered Ga0.52In0.48P, Thin Solid Films 519, 2859 (2011).
  7. K. B. Rodenhausen, B. A. Duensing, T. Kasputis, A. K. Pannier, T. Hofmann, M. Schubert, T. E. Tiwald, M. Solinsky, and M. Wagner, In-situ monitoring of alkanethiol self-assembled monolayer chemisorption with combined spectroscopic ellipsometry and quartz crystal microbalance techniques, Thin Solid Films 519, 2817-2820 (2011).
  8. K. B. Rodenhausen, and M. Schubert, Virtual separation approach to study porous ultra-thin films by combined spectroscopic ellipsometry and quartz crystal microbalance methods, Thin Solid Films 519, 2772-2776 (2011).
  9. T. Hofmann, A. Boosalis, P. Kühne, C. M. Herzinger, J. A. Woollam, D. K. Gaskill, J. L. Tedesco, and M. Schubert, Hole-channel conductivity in epitaxial graphene determined by terahertz optical-Hall effect and midinfrared ellipsometry, Appl. Phys. Lett. 98, 041906 (2011).
  10. T. Hofmann, A. Boosalis, P. Kühne, C. M. Herzinger, J. A. Woollam, D. K. Gaskill, J. L. Tedesco, and M. Schubert, Hole-channel conductivity in epitaxial graphene determined by terahertz optical-Hall effect and midinfrared ellipsometry, selected for publication in Vir. J. Nan. Sci. & Tech. Vol. 23 (5) (2011).
  11. S. Schöche, J. Shi, A. Boosalis, P. Kühne, C. M. Herzinger, J. A. Woollam and W. J. Schaff, L. F. Eastman, M. Schubert, and T. Hofmann, Terahertz optical-Hall effect characterization of two-dimensional electron gas properties in AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor structures, Appl. Phys. Lett. 98, 092103 (2011).
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