Ufuk Kilic

Contact Information:

City Campus (Lincoln)
(402) 472-3771

Professional Memberships:


Research Assistant Professor

Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, University of Nebraska Lincoln
  • M.Sc., Physics, Bogazici University
  • B.Sc., Physics, Yildiz Technical University

Research Opportunities (Graduate/Undergraduate)

Areas of Research and Professional Interest

A systematic theory-driven, application-oriented, experimental fabrication, characterization, and verification method forms the main framework of my current research statement. My research mainly focuses on
  • Light-matter interactions at nanoscale
  • Quantum nanophotonics
  • Hybrid metamaterial platforms
  • Plasmonics
More specifically, I am interested in the linear and nonlinear plasmonics and nanophotonics, chirality phenomenon, metamaterials and their applications, antenna design, active, tunable and reconfigurable metadevices, nonreciprocal photonic systems, topological insulators, up- and down-conversion hybrid nanostructure systems, single photon emission systems, novel energy harvesting and sensing devices, computational electromagnetics, in-situ spectroscopic ellipsometry based real-time growth monitoring, ex-situ optical, structural, and material characterizations, and spin dynamics in nanomagnetic structures.

Research Profiles:

Honors and Awards

  • 2022: Alexander von Humbolt foundation, Posdoctoral Promising young investigator fellow of the international networking event Humboldt meets Leibniz: Emerging Topics in Optics and Photonics
  • 2021: Society of Vacuum Coaters Foundation, On behalf of Nobel Laurate John B. Fenn, Sr. Foundation Endowed Scholarship
  • 2019: National Science Foundation (NSF), Plenty of Beauty at the bottom 2019 Nanofabrication and Imaging Competition: The Most Unique Capability
  • 2018 Atomic Vacuum Society Conference, Best Presentation, Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Focus Topic Session
  • 2017 University of Nebraska Lincoln, Annual Science Fair and Research Competition, College of Engineering, Commendation Award
  • 2011-2013 Bogazici University, The Graduate Student Success Fellowship
  • 2009 Yildiz Technical University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Physics B.Sc., (First Rank)

Selected Publications

  1. U. Kilic*, M. Hilfiker, A. Ruder, R. Feder, R. Korlacki, E. Schubert, C. Argyropoulos, and M. Schubert,“Broadband Enhanced Chirality with Tunable Response in Hybrid Plasmonic Helical Metamaterials”, Advanced Functional Materials, (2021) (selected for issue cover)
  2. U. Kilic*, A. Mock, D. Sekora, G. Mendelez, S. Vallophily, N. Ianno, M. Langell, E. Schubert, and M.Schubert, "Precursor-surface interactions revealed during plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of metal oxide thin films by in-situ spectroscopic ellipsometry”, Scientific Reports, (2020).
  3. U. Kilic*, A. Mock, R. Feder, D. Sekora, M. Hilfiker, R. Korlacki, E. Schubert, C. Argyropoulos, M. Schubert, "Tunable plasmonic resonances in Si-Au slanted columnar heterostructure thin films", Scientific Reports, (2019).
  4. U. Kilic*, C. A. Ross, and C. Garcia, "Tailoring asymmetric magnetoimpedance response in exchange biased multilayered FeNi", Physical Review Applied, (2018).

Recent Presentations

  1. U. Kilic*, M. Hilfiker, R. Feder, S. Wimer, A. Ruder, C. Argyropoulos, E. Schubert, and M. Schubert "Spectroscopic ellipsometry based optical analysis of hybrid metamaterial platforms", Oral Presentation, The 12th Workshop on Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (WSE) Prague-Czech Republic, (upcoming 2023). (Invited as Plenary Speaker)
  2. U. Kilic*, M. Hilfiker, R. Feder, R. Korlacki, E. Schubert, M. Schubert, and C. Argyropoulos, "Design, fabrication and optical characterization of glancing angle deposited quantum metamaterials”, The world networking event ’Humbolt meets Leibniz- Metamaterials’, Hannover, Germany. (2022). (invited)
  3. U. Kilic*, M. Hilfiker, R. Korlacki, E. Schubert, M. Schubert, and C. Argyropoulos, "Extremely broadband plasmonic chiroptical activity revealed by heterostructure helical metamaterials”, The 9th International Conference on Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (ICSE-9), Beijing China (2022). (Invited)
  4. U. Kilic*, D. Schmidt, M. Hilfiker, G. Melendez, R. Korlacki, E. Schubert, and M. Schubert, "Plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition of ZnO ultra-thin films monitored by in-situ spectroscopic ellipsometry”, SVC TechCon-21, U.S.A. (2021)