M. R. Hasan

Curiosity is Infectious...

I am an Assistant Professor specializing in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. My academic journey and professional dedication revolve around leveraging the transformative power of AI and machine learning to address complex scientific and pressing societal challenges.

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Research Vision

At the heart of my research is the pursuit of advanced AI technologies that are capable of understanding and learning from the rich tapestry of human experiences. I am particularly passionate about developing multimodal AI systems rooted in deep learning (DL). These systems are designed to process and integrate information from various sources, including text, images, and sounds, mirroring the way humans perceive and interact with the world. My aim is to utilize generative language models as a flexible interface for creating intuitive and efficient multimodal AI systems.

Human-First Artificial Intelligence Lab (HAL 2.0)

I lead the Human-First Artificial Intelligence Lab (HAL 2.0), a vibrant research group committed to designing AI technologies that prioritize human values and societal well-being. The inspiration for our lab's name comes from the iconic 1968 science fiction film  2001: A Space Odyssey. Unlike the film's AI, HAL, which becomes a cautionary tale of technology's potential to diverge from human interests, HAL 2.0 is dedicated to ensuring our AI advancements are deeply aligned with enhancing human welfare and ethical standards.

AI for Social Good: Our lab is actively engaged in a variety of projects aimed at harnessing AI for the greater good. This includes an exciting initiative funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) focused on improving STEM education. Through this project, we are developing an AI-powered, just-in-time personalized intervention system designed to enhance the learning experiences and outcomes for STEM students. Additionally, we are pioneering efforts in participatory AI by including underrepresented communities, such as indigenous populations, in our research. This work is supported by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's UNL's Grand Challenges Initiative and aims to ensure that AI development is inclusive, equitable, and reflective of diverse human values.

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I have created an extensive set of tutorials on ML/DL, which are posted on my GitHub page.


My passion for teaching is inspired by my mentor Richard Feynman! I am enthusiastic about conveying the joy and excitement of the world of modern AI through my lectures on ML and DL.

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Mohammad Rashedul Hasan
Electrical and Computer Engineering
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