UNL Robotics - Engineering Minor

Undergraduates can obtain a Minor in Robotics Engineering from the College of Engineering. See the Robotics Engineering Minor page in the UNL Bulletin for details on requirements and also a list of frequently offered courses in robotics. There are also many opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to get involved in research in these labs; please contact faculty directly regarding research opportunities. Below is a list of frequently asked questions for the Robotics Engineering Minor.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not in the College of Engineering; can I still get a minor in robotics?

Yes! It is possible for students in other colleges to take this minor.

I am majoring in Computer Engineering, can I count some of the classes I have taken in ECE or SoC towards the robotics minor?

No, the goal of the minor is for students to obtain a breadth of knowledge about robotics that can only be gained by taking courses outside of their typical area of study. Most students need to take one of the core requirements outside of their area as well as the two elective courses outside of their area. Computer Engineering majors can satisfy the core requirements within their major, but the other two courses must still be taken outside of their major area.

Do I need to take all of the prerequisite classes for class X outside of my department?
Please contact the faculty advisor listed at the Robotics Engineering Minor page to discuss this. In most cases requirements can be substituted or waived based on other related coursework.
When will class X next be offered?
Please check the bulletin or contact the adviser listed on the Robotics Engineering Minor page. The advisor can direct you to the person to get the question answered.
Is the minor offered at the graduate level?
No, the minor is only offered to undergraduates at this point, but please talk to your adviser and mention your interest in this.
Can I substitute class X for one of the minor electives?
Substitutions are possible, but must be approved by the advisor listed on the Robotics Engineering Minor page. In most cases reasonable substitutions will be approved.