At Nebraska, we develop Complete Engineers®.

Technical knowledge is the foundation of our education, empowering us to provide solutions to current and emerging challenges. Collaborating and adopting solutions relies on our ongoing choice to develop skills in competencies that enhance our professional, personal and interpersonal dimensions. The Complete Engineer® provides opportunities for all members of the College of Engineering community to focus on and develop six core competencies.

Competency Growth Model

Our Technical Foundation

We apply appropriate technical concepts to innovate, create and develop solutions to address broader challenges of communities and society. We use, and continuously expand, our knowledge and expertise.

The Complete Engineer® Competencies

Complete Engineer Inclusive Excellence Icon

Inclusive Excellence

We recognize and embrace our differences and make equity and inclusion a priority. We know diversity of people and ideas empowers us to address challenges and leads us to creativity and innovation.

Inclusive Excellence
Communication Circle icon


We effectively connect through respectful collaborative exchanges of information and ideas. We build relationships and achieve successful outcomes through our many forms of communication.

Self Management & Leadership Circle Clock icon

Self-Management & Leadership

We take responsibility for our own behavior and well-being as we act with integrity to serve the needs of our communities. We responsibly prioritize goals and use initiative, motivation, empathy, openness, and organization to move toward shared goals.

Self-Management & Leadership
Civic Responsibility Circle wrench icon

Civic Responsibility

We have a positive impact on the world around us by being engaged, solving problems and making a difference. We create a better future by actively contributing to our professions and communities.

Civic Responsibility
Teamwork Circle Quotes icon


We create accountable, engaged, productive teams that collaborate across disciplines. We respect the contributions of all members and their unique roles and perspectives as we work toward objectives.

Professionalism & Ethics Circle weight measure icon

Professionalism & Ethics

We are trusted and recognized for our integrity, as we work to improve the health, safety and welfare of society. We behave responsibly, ethically and respectfully.

Professionalism & Ethics
Maurice Kimsey “The Complete Engineer truly makes Nebraska Engineering graduates unique because you learn how to work together in teams and how to communicate effectively to accomplish common goals. You gain diverse perspectives on how to approach and solve problems that you will encounter as a future engineer.”

Maurice A. Kimsey, II
Distribution Planning Engineer
Omaha Public Power District
B.S. Electrical Engineering 2012
Anayeli Martinez Real “The Complete Engineer is extremely important to developing the next generation of industry leaders. The best way to prepare for those leadership roles, besides obtaining your degree, is by developing the necessary soft skills that will set you apart from your peers from other institutions. The inclusive excellence aspect of the Complete Engineer is crucial as we must learn, listen, and understand various issues to solve problems that exist in all communities.”

Anayeli Martinez Real
B.S. Construction Engineering 2011
Jon Soneson “As a Nebraska Engineering alum, I would have loved to have this program when I was in school. As an engineering manager and recruiter now, I specifically look for students that have skills and experiences that expand beyond the standard classroom curriculum. The students I’ve interacted with through Complete Engineer activities are on average of higher quality than general recruiting activities.”

Jon Soneson
R&D Section Manager and Product Design
B.S. Mechanical Engineering 2008
Andres Torres “The Complete Engineering Program at the University of Nebraska provides students with a unique skillset that gives them a distinctive edge in today’s global setting.”

Andres Torres
Director Engineering - Global Telecom
Valmont Industries, Inc.
M.S. Civil Engineering 2005