At Nebraska, we develop Complete Engineers®.

Technical knowledge is the foundation of our education, empowering us to provide solutions to current and emerging challenges. Collaborating and adopting solutions relies on our ongoing choice to develop skills in competencies that enhance our professional, personal and interpersonal dimensions.
The Complete Engineer provides opportunities for all members of the College of Engineering community to focus on and develop six core competencies.

Our Technical Foundation

We apply appropriate technical concepts to innovate, create and develop solutions to address broader challenges of communities and society. We use, and continuously expand, our knowledge and expertise.
Here are a few commonly asked questions and answers that will provide additional context on this initiative.

How do the competencies relate to the ABET Criterion 3 Student Outcomes?

The competencies defined in this initiative are aligned with many of the ABET student outcomes. Each academic program is working to show how these competencies will be leveraged to support and demonstrate the success of each student. 

The learning outcomes in our Engineering Leadership Minor are mapped to the ABET student outcomes. You can find the specific outcomes for the minor listed here.

I am an engineering student and/or faculty member. How can I connect with this initiative?

Students: You can begin sharpening your non-technical skill set by pursuing an Engineering Leadership Minor , take a course in our leadership curriculum, and/or attending many of the co-curricular events that have been identified as programs to help you shape your understanding of the six competencies.  Please note that we are still framing our current suite of co-curricular programs and developing new programs that will directly align with the six competencies identified in this initiative.

Faculty: You can connect with Karen Stelling  to learn more about the current research being conducted and how you can connect.