Connecting with Industry

Embracing oneself as a team player, maintaining successful relationships, staying organized, being confident in one’s leadership capabilities: these attributes – and more – are sought after by employers along with the specific hard/technical skills needed. A multi-university study recently found that soft skills – better referred to as power skills – training boosts productivity and retention and delivers a 250 percent return on investment based on higher productivity and retention. See The Growing Importance of “Soft Skills” in the Workplace.

The College of Engineering began this unique Complete Engineer initiative in 2016, recognizing the importance of our graduates entering the workforce with specific essential non-technical skills to succeed in an ever-changing global industry.

The college encourages employers and industry to connect and work with our students, especially understanding the value professionals can offer in support of the Complete Engineer and career preparedness.

Complete Engineer Inclusive Excellence Icon
Diverse. Empowered. Connected.
Communication Circle icon
Collaborative. Positive. Consistent.
Teamwork Circle Quotes icon
Accountable. Productive. Involved.
Self Management & Leadership Circle Clock icon
Motivated. Open. Purpose-Driven.
Civic Responsibility Circle wrench icon
Active. Engaged. Impactful.
Professionalism & Ethics Circle weight measure icon
Responsible. Fair. Respectful.