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Update (March 19, 2020)

Hausmann Construction Engineering Complex Map

The following updates include demolition of the Link and renovation of the roof on Scott Engineering Center (SEC). These activities will include some noise, especially beginning Dec. 9.

Tear-down of the Link will begin Wednesday, Dec. 4 and is estimated to last two weeks. The building was isolated from the sides of Nebraska Hall and SEC last week. This process will include separating the materials for recycling.

  • Earthwork will start close to the end of December, including tearing out the hill by SEC and breaking up concrete surrounding the building.
  • The roof on SEC is being renovated with new insulation; the crew is about halfway done with this installation, due to unanticipated leaking and saturated old insulation. This project is estimated for completion by the end of December.
  • The SEC north stair tower will also be removed this month.
  • Project managers are aware of the Finals class schedule and will work as possible to accommodate these times and minimize noise disruptions.

 As a reminder, visitors are not allowed within the construction site without permission from Hausmann Construction or the project managers. If within the fenced-in areas, safety guidelines must be followed. 

Background Information

Approved by the NU Board of Regents on Aug. 3, this $75 million project will create and update spaces in the Scott Engineering Center and the Link, a 34-year-old structure that connects the Scott building to Nebraska Hall. When complete, the updated facilities on the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s City Campus will benefit students, faculty and research.

The plan includes renovation of the Scott Engineering Center and demolition and rebuilding of the Link. The work is necessary as the buildings are antiquated, expensive to maintain and do not meet the needs of a growing College of Engineering.

The three-year project is projected to begin in June 2019 with the demolition and replacement of the Link. Construction costs are estimated at $75,465,000, with $70 million in funding provided through bond proceeds and $5.456 million in private donations.

Bond proceeds from LB 957, which was approved by the Nebraska Legislature and governor in 2016, are being used to finance a number of renovation projects across the university, including the engineering upgrade. The bonds ($200 million in total) will be repaid over a 12-year period, with annual payments of $11 million in state funding plus $11 million from the NU system.

The 25,307-gross-square-foot Link houses offices for civil engineering and electrical and computer engineering, as well as classrooms and meeting spaces.

A new and expanded Link will be rebuilt on the same location with approximately 87,000 gross square feet of space that will primarily house research labs.

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