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We are building a College of Engineering that will be a major source of economic development in the state and region while addressing problems of global importance.

Lance C. Pérez Dean, College of Engineering

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Jan. 9, 2019: Slideshow and audio for the Envisioning Workshop (held Dec. 6, 2018) is now available: Workshop slideshow with audio

Jan. 8, 2019: Visits Jan. 14-16 by RDG/HOK with COE faculty/staff/students to tour facilities, gain input (see Events/Meetings for full schedule)
(Jan. 14Jan. 15, Jan. 16)

Jan. 3, 2019: Research Lab Questionnaire (Reply by January 9, 2019)

Dec. 6, 2018: Visioning Workshop (Dec. 6, 2018) - 43.71 MB

Dec. 4, 2018: Documents have been added to the Resources page for review, featuring insights into trends for engineering labs and designs and engineering education. 

Kim Wilson

Kim Wilson

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Engineering Nebraska's Future

The College of Engineering is beginning the process of transformational facilities renovations and new construction. The first phase features renovating two primary buildings within the engineering complex on City Campus in Lincoln: Scott Engineering Center (SEC) and the Link, which connects SEC and Nebraska Hall. These upgrades will enable the college to help engineer Nebraska's future.

  • The 2027 College of Engineering will better meet the engineering workforce needs of Nebraska’s industry, enabling them to grow.

  • Cutting-edge research will lead to technology transfer that will enable Nebraska companies to innovate quickly and lead to job creation.

  • A strong College of Engineering will attract talent and industry to the state.

New facilities are required to enable the college to compete nationally and internationally with top peer colleges in teaching, research and outreach.

  • This will transform the undergraduate and graduate educational experience and develop complete engineers for the 21st century.

  • These upgrades are essential to recruiting and retaining students, faculty and staff.