Dynamic Systems Lab - Team


Current Postdoctoral Researcher

  • Caleb Wagner (August 2020-present) : Active matter, Exact Coherent Structures

       Ph.D. Physics, Brandeis University (2020)

Current Ph.D. Students

  • Mohammed A. Mohammed (August 2020 - present): Phase space geometry of nonlinear wave propagation, mechanical metamaterials
  • Ali Akbar Rezaei (May 2021 - present): Nonlinear dynamics of mean-field games and mean-field control

Current undergraduate students

  • Mohsin Al Barwani (2021, Mechanical and Materials Engineering): Critical transitions in atmospheric phenomena



    • Ahmed Alrawahi (2020 Mechanical and Materials Engineering, UCARE Award AY 2020-21 )
    • Jessica Chen (2020 Computer Science, UCARE Award)
    • Sifat Syed (2020 Computer Science, UCARE Award Summer 2020)
    • Izzat Bin Ahmed Adly (2020 Math, UCARE Award, June-Nov 2020)