Adam Algahimi

Adam Algahimi
Hometown: Lincoln, NE
School: Lincoln Southeast High School
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Kiewit Internship Location(s): Washington

I'm a cornhusker at heart, born and raised right here in Lincoln, Nebraska. At UNL I intend to pursue a double major in both Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics. Most of my free time this past summer was spent hanging out with friends, watching movies and fishing. Throughout much of my senior year, my leadership experiences as a captain of the speech team and president of our school's chapter of the National Honor Society pushed me to pursue a future with the Kiewit scholars program.

Most of my life has been defined by my passion for engineering and its intricate relationship with both mathematics and science, however through this program I look forward to integrating other concepts into this aspiration—allowing room for less concrete topics more akin to professionalism or accountability. In the future, I look forward to entering a career field in aerospace or some form of transportation, a goal that the scholars program will only serve to bolster in the next four years.