Park Research Group Research

Park research group has been involved with a variety of research activities across multiple departments. We are currently working on multiple projects that involve multiscale and multiphysics engineering systems. Some of the representative research projects are as follows:

  1. Low Reynolds number flow regime to study biofluids and electrokinetics;
  2. Transitional flow regime to study the laminar-to-turbulent transition and heat exchanger design;
  3. High Reynolds number flow regime to study turbulent flows and flow control for drag reduction;
  4. Complex fluids to study rheology and active nematics.

The projects have been supported by the National Science Foundation through CBET-2142916 (CAREER award), CBET-2154788OIA-1832976CBET-1936065, the Department of Energy through DE-SC0022280, the University of Nebraska Collaboration Initiative, Nebraska EPSCoR, and NASA Nebraska Space Grant.