Welcome to the Song Lab!

We are passionate about developing innovative modeling and computational tools to address key challenges in biological, life, and environmental sciences. Our approach features synergistic integration of a suite of complementary modeling and theoretical methods (process-based modeling, data-driven modeling, and ecological theory) for enhanced prediction and data incorporation.

Openings for Graduate Research Assistants and Postdoctral Fellows 

  • Dr. Song is invited as a speaker to attend Research Meeting at Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT) held in November 24, 2021  
  • Dr. Song gives two invited talks on Modeling Microbial Intelligence Using AI Modeling at Hanyang University (November 18, 2021) and Korea University (November 23, 2021) in South Korea
  • Steve Zhang joins the Song Lab through the Ph.D. Program in Complex Biosystems from August 2021 

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