Welcome to the Song lab!

We are passionate about developing innovative modeling and computational tools to address key challenges in biological, life, and environmental sciences. Our approach features synergistic integration of a suite of complementary modeling and theoretical methods (process-based modeling, data-driven modeling, and ecological theory) for enhanced prediction and data incorporation.

Plus, we have so much fun together! Don't believe it? See our mockumentary video on YouTube or below! 

Recent Updates 
  • May 2024:
    • 20th: Insoo Jeon joins the Song lab to work as an intern for six months.
    • 3rd: Mahsa Mohammadi received the BSE Inspire Award - Congrats to Mahsa!
  • April 2024:
    • 9th: Aimee Kessell has successfully defended her PhD Dissertation - Congrats to Aimee!
    • 9th: Kiera Chan's machine learning project got the first place in the robotics and software (SORO) category at the Terra Finals Round! Kiera has also been awarded the NYU Tandon of Engineering STEM award, which is given to the projects that propose addressing societal importance problems to create healthy, secure, connected, smart and sustainable urban environments around the world. We are so pround of you, Kiera!
    • 2nd: Steve Zhang and Mahsa Mohammadi have been awarded College of Engineering Professional Development Fellowships - Congrats to both!
  • March 2024:
    • 5th: Kiera Chan's machine learning project with us has been selected to advance to the final rounds of 2024 TerraNYC STEM Fair - Nice Job, Kiera!
    • 5th: Mahsa Mohammadi has been selected to be a fellow in the ASM Future Leaders Mentorship Fellowship (FLMF) program - Congrats to Mahsa!   
  • January 2024:
    • 8th: Yoonmi Choi starts a GRA position in the Song lab. 

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