Song Research Group News


  • March 2022: Dr. Song joins the editorial board of Frontiers in Microbiology (specialty section: Systems Biology) as Associate Editor.
  • January 2022: A Frontier's e-book edited by Dr. Song and colleagues is avaialble here for downloading: this e-book compiles all articles published in the Researh Topic: Predictive Modeling of Human Microbiota and their Role in Health and Disease.
  • 13 January 2022: Hugh McCullough completed his Ph.D. candidacy exam - congratulations Hugh!


  • 13 - 17 November 2021: Dr. Song visits Korea to give invited talks on the use of AI Modeling for microbial ecology and drug discovery at multiple universities and institutues: Hanyang University, Korea University, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT), and LG Chem Science Park
  • Steve Zhang joins the Song Lab through the Ph.D. Program in Complex Biosystems from August 2021 
  • Dr. Song serves as a committee member of 2021 Metabolic Pathway Analysis being held at University of Tennessee, Knoxville, August 2-6, 2021; See the program to check with presentations from Dr. Firnaaz Ahamed, Aimee Kessell, and Naeun Lee as well as Dr. Song
  • Dr. Song is teaching an online course on Data-Driven Modeling at Korea University International Summer Campus (KU ISC) (July 12 to August 5, 2021) 
  • Dr. Firnaaz Ahamed has been accepted as one of the 25 students/postdocs to participate in the breakout group tutorial sessions of the virtual Multi-omics Modeling of Biochemical Pathways Summer School being held July 12-16, 2021 
  • Aimee Kessell receives admission to participate in the Preparing Future Faculty Program in summer 2021
  • Dr. Ab Rauf Shah joins the Song group as a post-doctoral researcher from May 2021
  • Aimee Kessell is giving an invited talk at 2021 Biological System Sciences Division Principal Investigators' Meetings (Feb 22-24, 2021) on the following topic: "Metabolic Network and Metabolomics Integration to Predict the Shifts in Microbial Processes across Globally-Distributed River Corridors"; Dr. Song presents a poster on "Prediction of Spatial Assemblies in Soil Microbiomes Governed by Interspecies Interactions and Environmental Gradients" at the same meeting (click here for the full agenda)
  • Firnaaz Ahamed joins the Song Lab as a postdoctoral researcher (February 2021)
  • Naeun Lee comes back to the Song Lab to start a new career as a master student in BSE (January 2021)
  • 2020 Multiscale Microbial Dynamics Modeling Course is now on KBase (visit the Course Page and Post on KBase; see also the highlights of the contribution from the Song Lab in EMSL Blog


  • Aimee Kessell gives an oral presentation at 2020 Virtual AGU Fall Meeting (10 December; Metabolic Network Modeling and Metabolomics Integration for Comparative Analysis of Biogeochemical Reactions in Multiple River Systems); Dr. Song gives an invited poster presentation at the same conference (14 December; Machine Learning-based Metabolic Network Modeling for Omics-integrated Biogeochemical and Reactive Transport Simulations) 
  • Dr. Song gives an invited talk at the Virtual Research Meeting: Principles of Microbial Ecosystems, 21 November, 2020 (Prediction of condition-specific metabolic responses of soil microbiomes through multi-omics and model integration)
  • Dr. Song and Aimee Kessell give oral presentations at 2020 Virtual AIChE Annual Meeting (Kessell: 19 November, Integration of Metabolic Network and Data-Driven Modeling to Predict Context-dependent Microbial Interactions; Song: 19 November, Deep Learning Prediction of Interspecies Interactions from Self-Organized Spatiotemporal Patterns of Co-Evolving Organisms). 
  • Steve Zhang at UCSD starts the internship in the Song lab from November 2020.
  • Dr. Song is hosting the seminar by Dr. Thomas Metz from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory arranged as part of UNL's Biotechnology / Life Sciences Seminar Series: Shifting the metabolomics paradigm: use of computationally predicted metabolite reference data for comprehensive metabolite identification, October 21, 2020

  • Dr. Song gives a talk in the virtual Round Table Discussion at Microverse Conference, September 3, 2020 
  • The research team Dr. Song joins as a co-PI won a Collabortion Initiative Grant Award: Copper in Lipid Metabolism and Energy Homeostasis (July 2020 to June 2022, PI: Dr. Jaekwon Lee)

  • Bingjun Zhu joins the group to work as an undergraduate researcher for Fall Semester 2020

  • Dr. Song is giving lectures at Multiscale Microbial Dynamics Modeling Summer School hosted by EMSL and PNNL SBR group, July 6 - 10, 2020; Aimee Kessell is selected to participate in the same event.
  • Naeun Lee joins the group for the internship from March to September, 2020
  • Dr. Shin Haruta from Tokyo Metropolitan University is visiting our group for collaboration, March 9 - 11, 2020  
  • Dr. Song is hosting Dr. Neslihan Taş' visit from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for a seminar at the Nebraska Center for Biotechnology arranged as part of UNL's Biotechnology / Life Sciences Seminar Series: Deep look into deep soils: Microbial ecology and carbon cycling below the rooting zone, , February 12, 2020 
  • Dr. Song is hosting Dr. Stephen Lindeman's visit from Purdue University for a seminar at the Nebraska Food for Health Center: Fiber structure controls on the structure and function of gut microbiota, February 7, 2020 
  • Dr. Jahangeer joins the group as a a postdoctoral researcher, January, 2020
  • Huidong Xu joins the group to work as an undergraduate researcher for Spring September 2020
  • Aimee Kessell officially starts a PhD student position in the Song group from January 2020.  


  • Dr. Song is giving an invited talk at AGU Fall Meetng 2019, San Francisco, CA, December 9 - 13 , 2019: Multi-omics Integration for Substrate-Explicit Biogeochemical Modeling and More 
  • Dr. Song is participating in Community Watershed Workshiop to give an invited talk at PNNL, Richland, WA, September 11-12, 2019: Substrate-Explicit Modeling
  • Aimee Kessell and Michael Tross join the group from PhD Program in Complex Biosystems for research during Fall Semeter 2019